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What is a Permanent, you ask? A Permanent is like a brevet but you can ride it any time, not just on one specific date. Like brevets, routes can start and finish in the same location, but they can also run point-to-point, and can be any distance of 200km+ (100-199km for a Permanent Populaire). Permanent rides in the US are validated by RUSA. For more Permanent FAQs, see

Below are the Permanents which I organize. These have been approved by RUSA and are available to be ridden by any RUSA member. If you'd like more information, send me an email. You can also go to the official RUSA website and search for all available Permanent routes. Here is the link to take you there. Once there, you will be able to search by State, Distance, or Type of route.

The start location of most of the routes (unless otherwise noted) is the corner of 32nd St. & Union Hills Dr. in North Phoenix. Click this link for a Yahoo map to this location. This corner has two 24 hour convenience stores, a 24 hour CVS pharmacy, and the Community College Park-N-Ride lot.

bullet North Valley 200k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This is a 124 mile loop thru the North Valley. This route heads south through Dreamy Draw Park to the Arizona canal. It then stays on the canal to 51st Ave where you'll head North through the Arrowhead area. You'll end up on 99th Ave going north toward Lake Pleasant. You'll loop thru New River on your way to North Scottsdale and down 9 mile hill to Rio Verde. After rolling thru the lush desert, you'll get to climb some of Fountain Hills' finest on your way back to the start.
bullet Bartlett Lake 200k (map, elevation profile)
bullet Do you like to climb? If so, you'll enjoy this route. This is a 128 mile trek with some flat miles to warm you up. You'll end up on Carefree Hwy on your way up to the Bartlett Lake turnoff on Cave Creek Rd. Before you head to the lake, though, you get to "roll" your way toward Seven Springs on a nearly deserted and freshly paved road. On your return, you'll head down to Bartlett Lake where you'll immediately turn around (after a rest, of course) and head back up the hill. Once back at the T intersection, it'll be down hill almost all the way back to the well earned finish.
bullet Saguaro Lake 200k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This is a 125 mile route which will take you down 9 mile hill and through Fountain Hills to the Bush Hwy. When on the Bush Hwy, you'll roll along beside the beautiful Saguaro Lake. Once past the lake, you'll get to climb and descend Usery Pass. Your return will bring you back on the Bush Hwy past Saguaro Lake again, and then through some quiet streets in N. Scottsdale.
bullet Tall Pines 200k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This is a 125 mile route that is a great ride in the summertime when Phoenix temperatures soar! You'll start in Camp Verde then head north to the coolness and tall pines of Flagstaff. Make sure you're ready to climb on this one. From Flagstaff you'll take the E-ticket ride down Oak Creek Canyon to picturesque Sedona. You'll continue through Sedona and over to your turn around in Cottonwood at the base of Mingus Mountain. After refueling, you'll head back to the start/finish in Camp Verde.
bullet Heart of Arizona 200k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This is essentially a "self supporting" version of the Heart of Arizona Century. This route adds about 23 miles and 2000' of climbing to the Heart. What could possibly be better?!? This route takes (arguably) the best Century route in Arizona and makes it rideable without the need for any outside support. It starts and ends in Congress, AZ. You'll hardly notice all the climbing (yea right!) on this route because of the route's beauty!
bullet Mining Country 200k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This is a "self supporting" version of the Mining Country Challenge. This route adds about 25 miles to the Challenge route. It starts and ends in Superior, AZ. The route starts by heading east on US 60. The climbing begins right away and really doesn't let up all day. You'll visit the mining towns of Superior, Miami, and Globe before you tackle the 5000' summit of Pinal Pass. You'll then get to experience one of the most rewarding descents in Arizona! You'll mostly descend for the next 25 miles on your way to Winkelman. After an out-and-back to Mammoth, you'll roll though some mining town on your way to your final climbs. The route "stair steps" up to the "End of the World" climb. From there, it's a quick descent back to Superior and your hard earned completion.  
bullet Yarnell 300k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet At 188 miles, it's almost a double century. This route will take you north past Lake Pleasant to the sleepy town of Wickenburg. From there, you'll head to the (in)famous Yarnell Hill. You'll get to enjoy the 7 mile climb up to Yarnell where you can refuel and prepare for the thrilling descent back down the hill! Keep your eyes open for the white (or sometimes pink) elephant painted on the rocks on Elephant Curve (a particularly tight left hand turn). When you see it, make sure you're grabbing your breaks so you can make the off camber turn. Once at the bottom, the route will take you back through Sun Cities to the flat, straight finish in N. Phoenix.
bullet Tortilla Flat 300k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet I made this route because I wanted a local, challenging 300 km Permanent. This route will treat you to a lot of climbing, but you'll also get to see some areas of Arizona that you won't often see. You'll start with a "warm up" climb to the Microwave Towers east of Carefree. Next, you'll ride thru Rio Verde and Fountain Hills on your way to the Apache Trail. You'll experience the rugged beauty of Canyon Lake on your way to Tortilla Flat (Hint: it's not really flat!). You won't stop there. No, no, no! There's still 1000' of climbing to reach the end of pavement (and civilization) to your turn around point. On your return, after the Warp 3 descent, you'll climb back out of the Canyon Lake area on your way to the Bush Highway and Saguaro Lake. Once back to Fountain Hills, you'll get to enjoy the climb up Palisades before your rolling descent back to the finish.  
bullet Payson 300k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This is a great summer route when the Valley is too hot for most living creatures. You start in the relative coolness of Payson and ride an out-and-back to Flagstaff. The route is very simple with only 5 turns on route and a U turn in Flagstaff. That's good because the 8000' plus elevations and the thin air may leave your oxygen deprived mind lacking. Make sure your climbing legs are in shape and that you have a rain jacket. Summer showers are quite common in this area. You'll experience a lot of tall pines on this route. Once you make your way onto the Mogollon Rim, you'll be engulfed by the pine forests. This ride is a real summer treat!  
bullet Prescott 400k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet This 250 mile route features some major climbs. First, you'll get to climb Yarnell Hill. After this, you'll get a brief respite just in time for another great climb over White Spar Mountain and down into Prescott. There are still some pesky "rollers" while in Prescott, so just enjoy the old west town! On your return, you'll get to climb the much easier ascent of White Spar on your way to one of the best down hills in Arizona. You're going to love this 11 mile descent back to Kirkland Junction! You'll then have to regain most of that elevation you just dropped on your way back up to Yarnell, but once you're descending Yarnell hill, you've got it made. It'll be tending down for most of the next 90 miles. Enjoy!
bullet North AZ 600k  (map, elevation profile)
bullet You'll need your climbing legs for this one! It's 387 miles and climbs at least 23,000', no kidding! You'll head up the Beeline Hwy while most of Arizona is still asleep. You'll climb, climb, climb up to Payson. Once there, you'll get to climb some more. You'll be mostly climbing all the way to Flagstaff. However, what goes up must also get to come down. You'll ride the thrilling descent of Oak Creek Canyon through Sedona on your way to the mining town of Jerome. Yep, that's Jerome, the little town you'll pass through while you're climbing up Mingus Mountain. The route continues through Prescott Valley over to Prescott. You'll then climb up White Spar Mountain and head back down to Peoples Valley and on to Yarnell. Once at Yarnell, you'll almost be able to coast home.
bullet Additional Arizona Permanents
bullet Paul Layton is offering some Permanent routes in Mesa, AZ for your riding pleasure. Information on these routes may be found by visiting his web site:

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